kadie_darling (kadie_darling) wrote in fandom_mania,

womenverse is a multi fandom land comm for all female characters.

womenverse is a landcomm dedicated to celebrating all girl/women characters in fandom, in books, video games, television shows, movies, comics, what have you. All challenges are women-centric, and all fanworks produced focus on the women of fandom. That doesn't mean works can't include men, or that works have to be femslash or not shippy, but it does mean women characters are at the center, and they're always respected. No hate, no bashing. Just friendly competition.

We have three teams, Combat Boots, Flip-Flops, and Stilettos. And they're all awesome : ) Join us for a new round that just started!

If you decide to join don't forget to say kadie_darling sent you :)
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