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fandom mania

place to be to stay tuned about all your fav fandoms & more

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place to be to stay tuned about all your fav fandoms and more
About This Community
Welcome to THE comm to be if you want to stay tuned about your fandoms! Our main goal for this community is to help readers get all the movie, book, tv, music and video game news in just one place. You'll find reviews, pictures, spoilers, critics of shows, movies, books of every kind and every taste!!

We want our members to post and share infomation - just like us mods - so if you have seen an episode / movie / read a book or perhaps played some kick ass video game and you want to share a review, then post it or link back to your journal if the entry is not flocked.

This community is MEMBERS ONLY, so must JOIN to read and post! Once you're a member, you can comment and post, please remember to stay polite and respect other people's opinion!!
Community & Posting Rules
Respect these few rules:

→ Do not post your icons in here! In here we focus mainly the news, reviews, discussions etc.
→ Tag your entries, so that everyone can find the entries easily which they want to find!
→ When you post an entry use / create your own name tag (!exampleusername)
→ Post spoilerish babbles / news / images under the cut!
→ Post trailers / videos under the cut!
→ Post a link to your resource at the end of the entry.
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